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Company Overview

› CVK Constructions Private Limited present across the South India and have a good reputation for delivering concept to commissioning solutions. Deploying high-end infrastructure machinery manned by skilled experts and using cutting edge methodologies have given us a distinct advantage.

› Our work force consists of 150 employees on permanent basis and around 1000 employees on contract basis, including skilled and unskilled man power hailing from every craft and expertise in the field, allows us to combine innovative construction methods and expertise in  project management to execute the projects in the most efficient manner within timelines.

› We provide professional client-focused construction solutions. As an employee and client centric firm, we bring excellence in all our efforts to execute the projects in a time bound manner to the satisfaction of our clients.

Story Behind Company

In the year 1979, Venkata Subbaiah Kommi with his instinctive intuition foresaw a boom in the Govt. infrastructure industry and started an enterprise as family business though his forefathers were rooted in the farming activity. Kommi Chandra Sekhar, graduated as Electronics engineer in the year 1997, Being interested to be helpful to his father’s efforts eventually found the business as promising started Haricons Firm along with his friends.

Quality, timeliness and employee safety and welfare have been ingrained as core values of the Firm – a basic edifice for building the future and growth of the firm is built.  From the beginning, core values are the soul of this firm. We treat employees like owners, encourage their time for creativity, encourage self-improvement, honesty and self-respect.

As the firm gaining strength by augmenting the employee skills, machinery and technological changes with the progress of time, we have expanded our footprints in the southern states – Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana and further want to become a pan-India firm.

Haricons Engineers and Contractors is also representative company which is established in the year 2011 along with Kommi Chandrasekhar company, presently named as CVK constructions Private Limited.

CVK constructions Private Limited’s success and progress is the result of its unwavering conviction and commitment to its core values that have been nurtured for more than 30 years – the seeds were laid by Kommi Venkata Subbaiah, father of Kommi Chandrasekhar. The hallmarks of the firm are – employee efficiency in timely completion of the work, uncompromising safety measures at the works sites and zero incidents of accident – these hallmarks have greatly contributed to earn the trust and confidence of the contractors. The firm has also established industry standard systems, communication channels, project monitoring teams and systems and these help the firm a great deal in course correction measures.

Our Strategy,Mission & Vision

Our Strategy

Enhance and build on existing specializations in water infrastructure sector

Leverage existing specializations in water infrastructure sector to tap growth in other related area

Engage in complex projects which allow for higher margins

Enhance existing execution capability

Prudent management of financial resources

Growth through inorganic means


Our mission is to provide a service to maximize profitability to our clients, to employ suitable high-powered professionals with key focus and technical experience, cost conscious with a keen eye for quality, safety and overall management skills of each project. With this recently established business providing dedicated Construction Management services and related fields is the core of Haricon’s service and vision for the future.


Our vision is to access new business areas in national and international markets shortly. HARICONS is directed on business ideas and concepts that promise rapid market maturity and profitability for solid value growth in the present and future markets.

Extensively circulated specialized knowledge at the management level of CVK construction private limited enables it to align flexibly with various business fields a strong portfolio that is a solid foundation for sustainable success.

Board of Director – Partners

Kommi Chandrasekhar

Managing Director
K Rajani
ugd works

UGD Works

G. Penchal Naidu

Power distribution & Transmission

S. Venkateswarlu
ugd works

24X7 Water supply works